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Fly-by-Wire: Using AI to assist teachers and scaffold students

A national collaboration with Arapahoe Community College, Quinsigamond Community College, MIT, edX and Broad-based Knowledge.

Fly-by-Wire helps teachers and students at community colleges. Using artificial intelligence, Fly-by-Wire detects why an individual student is struggling, recommends personalized content to the student and recommends actions to take to the teacher.

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Xoces: Mapping outcomes for curriculum design and adaptive learning applications

An international collaboration conceived at MIT.

The Xoces project to map outcomes was conceived at MIT. Mapping outcomes results in a very useful data set that feeds into curriculum redesign and adaptive learning applications.

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Signals & Systems

Letting students search by intent instead of topics

The Signals & Systems project was an experimentation and demonstration of the power of mapping. We parsed LaTex notes into HTML, mapped notes to outcomes, and created a web and mobile app that students could go to to search for resources. All of the content is fed via API (not static HTML)!

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