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CDIO mapping

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The interactive map below is the visual accompaniment to our paper Mapping the CDIO Curriculum with Network Models. This paper was presented at the 13th International CDIO Conference in Calgary. Check out our presentation slides.

Mouse-over and click on the nodes to explore the mapping between CDIO skills and courses.

Fullscreen mode Created and embedded using the Rhumbl network visualization tool.

Visualize CDIO matrices as an interactive map

To generate the interactive visualization described in the paper (and shown above), we used the Rhumbl graph visualization tool:

  1. We downloaded the Accreditation Excel template from Rhumbl, and modified it to fit the CDIO framework. Take a look at the modified template.
  2. We filled in the template with the MIT Aerospace Engineering CDIO data. We then uploaded it to the Rhumbl mapping engine to make the interactive map as shown above.

If you use this work, please cite our paper: Willcox, K. and Huang, L. Mapping the CDIO Curriculum with Network Models. (Preprint) CDIO, 13th International CDIO Conference, June 2017.

Questions on the process or data? Please contact us at the