Scaling the next generation of digital education

Open Ed Graph: Mapped OER resources at scale via APIs

Data sets spanning College Algebra, Accounting, undergraduate STEM and more.

Open Ed Graph is a collection of fine-grained learning outcomes, assessments and topics that have been mapped into a graph structure, available via APIs.

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Fly-by-Wire: Using AI to assist teachers and scaffold students

A national collaboration with Arapahoe Community College, Quinsigamond Community College, MIT, edX and Broad-based Knowledge.

Fly-by-Wire helps teachers and students at community colleges. Using artificial intelligence, Fly-by-Wire detects why an individual student is struggling, recommends personalized content to the student and recommends actions to take to the teacher.

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Xoces: Mapping outcomes for curriculum design and adaptive learning applications

An international collaboration conceived at MIT.

The Xoces project to map outcomes was conceived at MIT. Mapping outcomes results in a very useful data set that feeds into curriculum redesign and adaptive learning applications.

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Signals & Systems

Enabling students to search by intent instead of topics via a mapped network

The Signals & Systems project was an experimentation and demonstration of the power of mapping. We parsed LaTex notes into HTML, mapped notes to outcomes, and created a web and mobile app that students could go to to search for resources. All of the content is fed via API (not static HTML)!

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Crosslinks: A visual and contextual way to browse OER

Serving thousands of learners daily and OER adopters world-wide.

Crosslinks is a wiki on which learners can add and edit topics. Learners draw linkages between topics, and from topics to resources they have found helpful. Crosslinks is embedded in MIT OCW, and gives learners a visual and interactive way to search for related content.

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