mapping connections between topics

CrosslinksJS is a HTML / JavaScript application like a wiki that lets users edit and author content. It is frontend only, which means it needs to hit up against APIs. At MIT, we developed MIT Crosslinks as a study guide for students. Hundreds of students use it monthly, especially just before exams.

Crosslinks is based on linking topics to topics and resources to topics. We found that linking topics to topics is helpful to students but it can be ambiguous — for example, what does it mean to link “matrix” to “eigenvalue“? Our more recent mapping work instead links outcomes, where we can more directly capture intent. For example, with an outcome we can model what is it about an eigenvalue that a student needs to be able to do or explain, and how does this measurable skill relate to another skill involving a matrix?

If you would like to set up your own Crosslinks for your organization, check out our Github repo.